Tuesday, August 28, 2007

Creativity with a Deadline 3

The very next weekend after the short story contest, I, along with an amazing production company, entered the 48 hour film competition. This was the same premise as the short story contest, only with celluloid, or in our case high-definition digital images. The team got the genre, character, prop and line on Friday night and racked out brains to the wee hours of Saturday morning to come up with a worthy script to shoot. The next two days we shot and edited a short I am really proud of. It didn’t hurt our team had the Mike Jordan of cinemaphotography and editing. Its like if Jordan was also as good at baseball as he was basketball, but instead of those two sports it was shooting and editing films. We didn’t win that contest, but that is because of outside circumstances that are still too tender to discuss. Following is the requirements for the film and the film. Enjoy!

Genre: Spy movie
Character: Tattoo artist named Kenny or Kendra Coulter
Prop: A pie
Line of Dialogue: “So, you think you’re pretty clever, huh?”

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